Running for Cover in the Syrian Conflict

“Running for Cover: Politics, Justice and Media in the Syrian Conflict”

Accountability in the Syrian conflict will be the focus of this daylong event hosted by the Newhouse Center for Global Engagement. Participants will analyze the international community’s response to the Syrian conflict and its effects, as well as the challenges to reporting the war, developing political solutions and seeking justice for victims. The interactive event is designed as a “fishbowl” conversation among academics, policy makers, human rights advocates, journalists and the audience. It will be streamed live at

Features of the event:

  • Global leaders in policy, media and international law
  • Unique, interactive format
  • Award-winning photo galleries from POYi, Ed Kashi and Reza’s Exile Voices Project
  • 360° video gallery
  • People from the region weighing in anonymously on social media


Find out more on the event page: