Adventure West Bank & Israel

  • June 6–23 commitment

  • Partnership with the Near East Foundation

  • Newhouse graduate student focused

  • Majority of expenses paid*

  • Deadline, Tuesday March 17


Two Newhouse professors will be leading a small student team to the West Bank for two weeks this June to produce a story package based on the work of the Near East Foundation, a 100-year-plus nonprofit whose headquarters are here on campus.

The project will feature how everyday Palestinians and Israelis are quietly working together on meaningful, grassroots projects. Check out NEF’s mission and work at

Professors Steve Davis and Ken Harper will be leading the group of up to six students. They are looking for a diverse and varied set of skills in storytelling and design.

The team most likely will be made up of graduate students. Undergrads may apply, but we can cover only a few of those expenses, while much of the costs will be covered for the grad participants.

The trip includes a one-week commitment when we return to complete the project.

  • Estimated departure: June 5
  • Estimated return: June 19
  • Working week in Syracuse: Week of June 22

*For grad students: Your covered expenses will include airfare and accommodations in Israel, plus some incidentals. You can expect to budget around $500-$1,000 for your share of expenses, and you will have to offer proof of medical insurance. Undergraduate students will be considered on a case by case basis.

Depending on your program, this experience may be credit toward your degree. Those arrangements will be between you and your director or chair.

To start: Contact Professors Steve Davis and Ken Harper jointly, via the contact form below, supply a cover letter and resume. 


Photo by Ken Harper