Liberia and Nepal Multimedia Internships

  • March 6 deadline

  • 10–12 week residencies; Starting Summer 2015

  • Two in-country positions available:  One in Liberia, one in Nepal

  • Basic in-country expenses paid

  • Position will be filled on a rolling-basis


The Accountability Lab and the Newhouse Center for Global Engagement have partnered to create opportunities for visual communication students in Liberia and Nepal. As a part of that collaboration we are announcing the Summer 2015 Visual Design and Multimedia Internships.

The Accountability Lab Multimedia Internships

The Accountability Lab empowers citizens in developing countries to build creative tools for integrity and anti-corruption in their communities. The team provides training, mentorship, networks, management support and seed funding for the development of low-cost, high-impact ideas for positive change. By enabling people to use information and knowledge to hold their governments to responsible, the Lab is finding innovative ways to unlock the rich potential for political and economic development around the world.

In Liberia and Nepal, the teams work to bolster accountability and empower youth through a variety of innovative programs, including a strong focus on the arts – music, film, painting, etc. While this position will work across the Accountability Lab’s portfolio in Liberia and Nepal, it is anticipated that support for a Film School administered by the Liberia Film Institute under the auspices of the Lab will constitute most of the intern’s work.

The Lab also strives to reinvent the way that organizations can function through radical transparencyoral reporting that fits the context, creative outreach campaigns, and alternative revenue models. The Lab is a 501(c)3 non-profit based in the OpenGov Hub in Washington DC, with a local office at the University of Liberia Capitol Hill campus in Monrovia. The team will include a small team of local staff and volunteers, one international staff member, and two student residents. In 2014, the Lab received recognition from the USAID Ebola Grand Challenge for its creative approach in tackling Ebola and received significant support from international donors to scale up and deepen ongoing projects.


Summer Residents

The Accountability Lab is recruiting a “resident” multi-media expert for Monrovia, Liberia and Kathmandu, Nepal for May-August 2015 to assist staff with the following tasks:

  • Development and production of accountability film schools;
  • Support for program management and implementation, and the development of systems (particularly relating to multi-media infrastructure);
  • Writing and editing assistance for a variety of outputs; primarily curriculum and scripts for the accountability film schools and a production plan for Integrity Idol, but also reports, articles and program documents as needed.
  • Research for funding opportunities; outreach to existing contacts, and the development of potential partnerships;
  • Building and maintaining relationships with Lab partners and key organizations and individuals working on accountability issues, and audiovisual education in Liberia;
  • Collaboration with the Resident Design Intern to market the Lab’s electronic media presence in Liberia and internationally;
  • Training staff and partners on production and post-production skills;
  • Other tasks as required.



The Accountability Lab is a young organization with limited resources so the fellow will need to be highly adaptable, self-motivated and able to multi-task. Beyond this, candidates for the position should be able to demonstrate the following:

  • Fluency in English with excellent research, writing and editing skills;
  • Excellent organizational and multi-media skills, especially editing and production of film/video;
  • A graduate student or advanced undergraduate student in a visual communication field of study
  • An understanding of accountability issues on a local, national level and global level;
  • Work experience with a particular focus on international development, governance, institutional reform and social change;
  • Demonstrated ability to build networks and conduct outreach around development issues both on the ground and online;
  • Experience designing and administering a variety of multi-media platforms.


Ideally, candidates should also be able to indicate that they possess some of the following:

  • An ability to work independently and within a small, flexible but rapidly evolving organization;
  • A previous relevant internship or working experience;
  • Superb relationship-building and management skills;
  • Photography and audio skills;
  • Previous experience abroad (Africa/South Asia preferred).


Interns must be available for a minimum of eight weeks with longer durations preferred.



This residency presents an exciting opportunity to gain hands-on, ground-level experience helping a dynamic and innovative nonprofit grow. While our funds are limited, we believe that fellows should not have to work for free. The Lab will cover work related travel and accommodation costs and provide a modest stipend that will also cover food expenses. However, the resident will need to mobilize additional financing to support costs such as air travel to Liberia.


Next Steps

Learn more about the Lab on the website, Facebook, and Twitter. To inquire about applying, please send a cover letter and resumé to Center Director Ken Harper via the form below. Please specify your previous experience designing and maintaining online tools. The position will be filled on a rolling-basis.

Required Submission Elements

  • Cover letter
  • Resume

Photo by Morgana Wingard