Ideas and research: The intercultural transference of both of these is crucial to The Public Diplomat’s mission of multicultural engagement. Members seek to utilize various media platforms and methods to explain public diplomacy.

The Public Diplomat is a forward-moving organization that understands the need to adapt and to change viewpoints, and perhaps most importantly, is dedicated to honesty. Practicing public diplomacy in our contemporary environment means learning about and appreciating that which is different from ourselves and our own ways of doing and being. This effort is meant to produce long-lasting relationships and discover other ways of life in an open, public space.

A common misunderstanding is that public diplomacy is strictly about politics and government, but there are numerous types of diplomacy under the umbrella of public diplomacy: Sports diplomacy, art diplomacy and food diplomacy, for example. Essentially, public diplomacy includes any cultural realm with a common ground that has the potential to bring people together. If you have a story, a research paper or any other ideas, we’d love to hear from you.