Family. Life. – Global Visual Storytelling Project


“Family. Life. was a collaborative student project exploring the meaning of family at the center of life through visual stories created by students around the globe. Inspired by “The Family of Man,” the historic 1955 Museum of Modern Art exhibition that toured the world for eight years, the project was initiated by S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University with Andrea Wise, a Newhouse Alumna, spearheading the project under the mentorship of Professor Mike Davis.

“Family is the core of every aspect of  life on the planet. It’s a universal theme, but also one with great variability,” says Davis. “Through the prism of family, you can see what distinguishes us and what unifies us.”

Students from 16 countries, and 32 schools are encouraged to be involved in this project and produce a compelling work by documenting visual stories of family life. After reading the caption of each picture, it illustrates the definition of family all around the world.

One picture on point: the head picture is documenting Michael Moffatt, who enjoys some time with his friends from Rainbow Umbrella, an anonymous support group for the LGBTQ community that meets every Friday. Family is a community that taking care of everyone, regardless their identity.